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The legendary creature that it is, the Griffin combines the strength of a lion with the speed of an eagle. An intimidating blend of two different predators, and we thought with a pint of booze, the mighty Griffin would as well fly!

And so The Boozy Griffin was born. Bringing you the heady combination of British royalty and potent pub grub slurped with the best booze in town! And we play the most popular foot tapping music in town to leave you awed, heady and freaking’ dumbfounded!

So, lay back and indulge into classic Brit majesty! Bon Appétit!

About Us

After resounding success in restaurant field, Founder & Owner of BBEIPL group Mr.Srikanth Upadhyay and Mrs.Vandana Updadhyay opened The Boozy griffin, which has won several coveted national and international awards for the quality, musical variety and poularity in pub. The Boozy Griffin koramangala was opened in 2015 and Marathahalli in 2016.

giving it an english vibe with elements that bring life of a traditional british watering hole.


The Boozy Griifin has long history of setting trend when it comes to entertainment. Every night you get transported to different musical areana. One of the pioneer bar to introduce western karaoke nights, and silent disco and many more in bengaluru. Till date Boozy make sure you have something new to look forward to, every time you visit !

Food & Beverage

The Boozy Griffin pays close attention to its theme, the ambiance it creates, and the menu that offers something for both the drinkers and the foodies. Expansive Food and cocktail menu which is carefully curated and skillfully made--sticking to the theme, all drinks are named with a hint of the English wit and served cold to satisfy your thirst.